Bubble Touch ! is a unique action game where you can test you reflexes by squeezing the bubbles on the screen.

Play through five different planets, and complete 45 different leves, catching bonuses and void malus on screen.

To complete a level you must reach it its objective, which specify how many bubbles, per color, you need to pop.
You can collect bonus and malus on the Bubble gallery, where you can find a little description of the bonus behaviour, and its duration.


* Deceptively simple premise – extremely challenging at higher levels
* Logical game of letter substitution to transform words
* 45 levels of play with tasks at each levels
* Extremely easy to learn
* The “perfect” game for your girlfriend, cute, colorful and funny !
* More than 25 bonuses and malus to collect

Device Compatibility:

* Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or above, Symbian^3
* Designed for iPhone and iPod touch, Nokia E7, N8, 500
* 5.1 MB

Release: October 2010 (iOS), October 2011 (Symbian)

Give us feedback, suggestions and idea for future updates on: bubbletouch.userecho.com

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